Writing as a teenager was a stress reliever. Many of the things I wrote are now represented in metaphor in my newly published book. It is cool to see this, the first book of more to come, finally get published and I hope you enjoy! Big thanks to Inkwell Books for getting me started.

One of the purposes behind the book, in addition to a good story, was to promote some thoughtful discussions of human emotions and how that can affect us mentally and physically. In the book this is represented by concepts the character Todd orchestrates through the “dream plain.” As you read please comment on the blog about some insights you might have as you are reading.

Dark Revery: The Midnight Train


Todd a 16-year-old boy is visited by

a Djinn named Amal who shows him glimpses
of his previous life as a Djinn and
the war that he and his siblings
have been a part of long before they
became human. Todd discovers that an
old enemy, named Dima, has possessed
his brother Ryan and is slowly ripping
Todd a 16-year-old boy is visited by a Djinn
Dark Revery Series
The Midnight Train
his soul from him. While maintaining
convince his family and friends to
help him place Ryan under hypnosis
and fight on what Todd has come to
call the Dream Plain



The Train Metaphor

As we go through life we are presented with many opportunities. We are all figurative travelers and choose a train that can be seen as the vessel to carry us forward in our various purposes. Knowledge is what fuels the train, the principles of goodness applied to life are what maintain it, and experiences are the tools to keep on course. Some may ask what kind of train they are on, and that largely depends on what the purpose of the traveler is and what they have chosen within their individual lives to pursue.

Whatever the train is that defines an individual, as there are many meaningful comparisons one could make with this metaphor, the greatest part about it is that there is a story, an adventure, a tragedy, a mystery, a discovery, a new horizon, and many more. Our experiences are what make life wonderful in all it’s varieties and can help us learn much about ourselves.

This story will be mine, and I hope to provide something of value to all who read it.